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Amazon Crime! Doorstep parcel thefts rise by nearly a quarter

Criminals cashing in as police records from 23 forces across the UK reveal that thefts of parcels and packages order by online shoppers have risen sharply over the last three years

London – October 14, 2019 – Thefts of parcels and packages from Britain’s doorsteps have surged by nearly one quarter over the last three years, according to Police records.

The data, obtained under the Freedom of Information (FoI) Act by iParcelBox, the smart home parcel delivery solution, showed a whopping 2,578 thefts were reported to 23 police forces which supplied information across the UK. The figures show a rise a rise of 786 thefts in the financial year 2016-2017 up to 962 in the financial year 2018-2019 – an increase of 22 per cent. The total figures of UK parcel theft are likely to be substantially higher, as only half of the UK’s police forces provided a formal response.

The area with the highest levels of parcel thefts was Lancashire Constabulary, which reported 292 thefts in total and 108 in the last 12 months.

The West Country was also revealed as a hotspot for parcel crime with 20 per cent of all thefts coming from this area. Devon and Cornwall Police reporting 264 thefts in total, with 91 in the last year. Meanwhile Avon and Somerset Police reported 262 incidents of parcel theft in total.

Additionally, Leicestershire Police reported a total of 216 thefts over the period, closely followed by West Midlands Police on 211 incidents.

The lowest areas of parcel theft came from Nottinghamshire Constabulary with only 21 accounts of parcel theft over a 3-year period (1 per cent of total figures). Other safe areas considered to have low levels of parcel theft were Durham Constabulary which recorded 28 reports of parcel thefts and North Wales Police, which reported only 34 incidents.

Paul Needler, founder, iParcelBox comments:

“It’s clear that the online shopping surge is fuelling a new crimewave of parcel thefts across the UK. For opportunistic thieves, the chance to steal an unattended parcel that is sitting on the doorstep is irresistible.

Asking the delivery driver to place your package under a flowerpot or behind your wheelie bin when you’re out should no longer be an option. Instead, it’s vital that all online shoppers ensure they have a secure, easy to use, delivery box in place to receive their parcels.”

Full table of regional force results below:

Police force 2016/17 2017/18 2018/19 Total
Avon and Somerset Police 101 76 85 262
Bedfordshire Police 26 38 54 118
Cambridgeshire Constabulary 28 11 60 99
Derbyshire Constabulary 9 7 12 28
Devon & Cornwall Police 76 97 91 264
Dorset Police 78 49 74 201
Durham Constabulary 5 17 6 28
Gwent Police 6 16 22 44
Hampshire Constabulary 42 39 38 119
Lancashire Constabulary 88 96 108 292
Leicestershire Police 59 88 69 216
Lincolnshire Police 3 13 22 38
Merseyside Police 38 47 55 140
Ministry of Defence Police 4 0 1 5
Norfolk Constabulary 15 13 15 43
North Wales Police 8 11 15 34
Northamptonshire Police 26 25 27 78
Nottinghamshire Police 4 9 8 21
South Wales Police 0 0 0 0
Suffolk Constabulary 23 23 23 69
Surrey Police 52 46 55 153
West Midlands Police 61 72 78 211
West Yorkshire Police 34 37 44 115
Total 786 830 962 2578

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