Key Features:

Never miss a parcel delivery again!

  • iParcelBox is a strong metal storage box secured with a concealed electronic locking mechanism.


  • Securely accept multiple deliveries when you’re not at home.
    • iParcelBox will automatically unlock for the first delivery to be made.

    • For subsequent deliveries, iParcelBox will send you a notification, allowing you to unlock it using the accompanying smartphone app.


  • You can integrate iParcelBox with your webcam, allowing you to watch the courier / delivery person from within the iParcelBox app.


  • Couriers can obtain "proof of delivery" using the unique barcode / password inside the lid of iParcelBox.


Do you enjoy shopping online, but hate it when you get home to find a ‘sorry we missed you’ card through your letterbox?


iParcelBox is the solution – a patent pending intelligent, secure and weatherproof parcel delivery box which you can remotely monitor and control from your smartphone.

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  • iParcelBox is easy for couriers to use – they simply press a button on the box to request a delivery.


  • You will receive a notification on your smartphone when a parcel is delivered.


  • See the number of deliveries at a glance from your phone.


  • Unlock iParcelBox from your smartphone to retrieve your parcels when you return home.


  • iParcelBox can optionally be unlocked from your smartphone app to allow couriers to collect items (e.g. returns).

UK Patent Application No: 1814441.0, 1901340.8

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Why is iParcelBox better than other 'smart' parcel boxes?

Manually lockable boxes

  • Only one delivery can be accepted before it has to be emptied by the owner.

  • Box security relies on the courier manually locking the box.

  • No notification when a parcel is delivered

Multi-compartment boxes

  • Parcels have to ‘drop’ from top compartment to lower compartment, so not suitable for heavy or fragile items.

  • Boxes are over-sized to allow separate ‘delivery’ and ‘storage’ compartments, making them visually unappealing.

  • No notification when a parcel is delivered

Keypad openable boxes

  • Unless the courier has the exact code for your box, they won't be able to make a delivery (so it won't work for ad-hoc Royal Mail deliveries, or couriers who can't accept specific delivery instructions)

  • No ability for you to remotely unlock the box, you rely on the courier having a pre-determined code.

  • Passcodes are vulnerable to being shared, allowing unauthorized access.

  • Most don't send a notification when a parcel is delivered