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iParcelBox – Never miss a delivery again!

Do you enjoy shopping online, but hate it when you get home to find a ‘sorry we missed you’ card through your letterbox?

iParcelBox solves the problem of missed deliveries, providing a smart, secure and weatherproof parcel delivery solution you monitor and control from your smartphone. iParcelBox’s  patented technology allows you to receive multiple secure deliveries when you are not at home.

Made in Britain

What our customers say about iParcelBox...

  • “This product is brilliant; it saves time and effort and the fuel driving back and forth to collect parcels. The drivers love it as it’s faster to use than answering the door, as well as safer than leaving it on the doorstep!”

  • “iParcelbox is a fantastic idea and I have had one of the original boxes for many many years and it has worked flawlessly. Big enough for most parcels and easy to see if they are made by use of an app.”

  • “I already had another product installed but delivery drivers hate codes, and that was just introducing friction. Already had an eye on iParcelBox and now with V2 and the battery, I couldn’t wait anymore. I’m really happy that I did.”

  • “Where do I start? Like many people that work it’s a real ball ache to chase deliveries around your county, even leaving polite notices to delivery drivers to leave goods in a safe place doesn’t work….my hubby took a punt after much research on the iParcelBox, what a brilliant piece of kit, easy to instal, easy to use, even the app does what I says on the tin, notifications when a delivery arrives…my goodness I love this so much, we love it so much. Buy it, you won’t be disappointed!”

  • “The products are bulletproof, I have had an iParcel Box for around a year now and have not had to collect a parcel since around a month after getting it. Customer service is 2nd to none, which is refreshing to say nowadays when customer service in many companies is non-existent.”


Delivery drivers simply press the button, wait for iParcelBox to unlock, place the parcel inside and close the lid, which locks. There are no codes to enter, locks to manipulate or special apps required to make deliveries.


Monitor and control your iParcelBox from your smartphone. iParcelBox automatically allows a delivery when it’s empty, and will send you a notification and let you remotely allow subsequent deliveries.


iParcelBox is made of steel, and is securely anchored to the floor or a wall using the provided bolts. The locked compartment stores your parcels safely until you return home to retrieve them.

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iParcelBox can be used by

Royal Mail

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