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Our Story so far….

iParcelBox smart parcel delivery drop box was originally conceived by a smart-home enthusiast in his garage, as a solution to his family’s frustration with missed parcel deliveries.  Here’s how iParcelBox developed from a home DIY project to one of the leading at-home parcel delivery solutions:

From DIY wooden box to patented product launch!

iParcelBox Founder Paul Needler was living in Harrow, Greater London with his wife and 2 young children. As a busy family they regularly shopped online, but were fed up with missed deliveries, frequently getting home to find ‘sorry we missed you’ cards on their doormat.

Having searched online and realised there were no smart home products available for parcel deliveries, Paul decided to create his own solution to this very common and frustrating problem.

A picture of somebody's doormat, with lots of 'Sorry we missed you' failed parcel delivery cards on it.
A photograph of the Founder Paul Needler's first parcel delivery box, made from wood and salvaged parts in his garage.

Paul’s initial creation was a painted wooden parcel delivery drop box, made with tongue-and-groove flooring from the DIY store and a spare front doorbell as the button, fitted with an electronic lock and LED lights sourced online.   He connected the electronics to the smartphone-controlled garden lighting system he’d recently installed in the front garden.

Paul could now lock and unlock the box from his phone when somebody pressed the doorbell, allowing the family to get parcels delivered when they weren’t home.

Job done!  Only it wasn’t…..  Paul’s DIY parcel box was so effective that it attracted attention from friends, colleagues, and particularly his local couriers, who all wanted to know how they could buy one!

Paul spent the next few months working evenings and weekends on turning his parcel delivery box into a high-quality consumer product.

This included drawing up plans for the custom-made metal box; designing the electronics; and even writing the code for the iParcelBox controller and smartphone app.

At the same time, Paul and his team were setting up iParcelBox Ltd., the website and brand, whilst working on necessary patent, legal and regulatory submissions.

In early 2019, iParcelBox announced a trial of their new smart parcel delivery drop box to early-adopters.  These pre-production units were extensively tested by customers in real-life use over a period of several months. Valuable feedback from homeowners and a range of couriers was incorporated into the final production design.

After finalising design modifications and completing regulatory testing, our original mains-powered iParcelBox was formally launched in September 2019, at the International Parcel & Post Expo in Amsterdam.

That was just the beginning of our journey…

Since launching the first version of our smart parcel delivery drop box, we have continued to innovate and develop iParcelBox, launching new product types and gaining significant recognition for our market-leading technology. Here are just a few examples:

March 2019

Harrow Business Den 2019, where iParcelBox came runner up for our innovative smart parcel delivery box

2nd Place, Harrow Business Den

A regional competition recognising local entrepreneurs with innovative solutions.

November 2019

iParcelBox smart parcel delivery box is available to purchase from amazon.co.uk

iParcelBox launches on Amazon.co.uk, with next day delivery available to Amazon Prime members.

June 2020

Screenshot of the blog published by McAfee's Advanced Threat Research team on how they attempted to hack the iParcelBox smart parcel delivery box technology.

McAfee’s Advanced Threat Research team, the world leaders in internet security based in Oregon USA,  test our technology for vulnerabilities. Read more here.

August 2020

Finalists in Parcel and Postal Technology International Awards 2020 - Final Mile Innovation of the Year for our smart parcel delivery box which can revolutionise the home parcel delivery experience

Finalists in Parcel and Postal Technology International Awards 2020 – Final Mile Innovation of the Year

November 2020

a photograph of The Gadget Show presenter crouching next to the iParcelBox smart parcel delivery box which won the award for best tech for home deliveries.
The Gadget Show

Winners of the The Gadget Show Challenge, selected by the “G-Team” the best technology solution for home parcel deliveries.

January 2021

A screenshot of iParcelBox founder Paul Needler on the main screen at CES, with details of the iParcelBox smart parcel delivery box.

Launch of new battery-powered model at the globally renowned Consumer Electronics Show (CES), arguably the most influential tech event in the world.

March 2021

EZVIZ cameras logo

iParcelBox announces collaboration with EZVIZ, one of the leading Global Smart Home brands for consumer cameras.

September 2021

Photo showing iParcelBox founder Paul Needler being handed his #SBS certificate by Theo Paphitis

iParcelBox is selected by Theo Paphitis as winners of his #SBS small business competition

October 2021

iParcelBox won the Innovation & Technology award at Hull Live Business Awards 2021 for our innovative smart parcel delivery box.

Finalists in the Prolific North Tech Awards 2021.

Winners of Hull Live Business Awards – Innovation & Technology Award

October 2021

Photo of iParcelBox Extra-Large, our largest model of smart parcel delivery box, which has a capacity of 127 litres, more than double that of any other parcel drop box available on the market.

You asked, we delivered! iParcelBox launches an Extra Large size – providing over double the capacity of any other parcel delivery box on the market.

October 2022

Picture of a website for co2.myparcel.org.uk showing that an at-home delivery results in lower emissions than collecting from the nearest pick-up point for this customer.

iParcelBox partners with Hull University to develop online sustainable deliveries tool.

Read more about the research here.

November 2023

Photo showing iParcelBox Founder Paul Needler with Theo Paphitis and his co-investors after we were selected to pitch for investment at #SBSInvest

We are selected as one of only 3 companies to pitch their business to Theo Paphitis and his panel of investors as part of #SBSInvest.

May 2024

Photo of iParcelBox Medium, launched in May 2024 as the smallest iParcelBox model in the range. Still having a capacity of 27 litres, double that of competitor products at a similar size and price range, making the award-winning iParcelBox technology available to a wider customer base at an even more competitive price.

Launch of iParcelBox Medium, making our award-winning technology available to even more customers at a very competitive price.

…and we’re not stopping there!

We believe there’ll be a time when having an iParcelBox for parcel deliveries becomes as common as the letterbox in your front door.

We’ve got lots more exciting developments planned. Sign-up to our mailing list at the bottom of this page to be first to hear about our news!

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