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iParcelBox launches new battery powered model at CES2021

iParcelBox announces the launch of a NEW battery-powered model at CES2021, providing additional options for customers wishing to benefit from this recently launched innovative solution to a common problem.

UK based Tech start-up iParcelBox launched its smart parcel delivery solution monitored and controlled via a smartphone app in 2019. Since launching their mains-powered model at the end of 2019, customers across the UK have already received tens of thousands of successful parcel deliveries.

We all know the frustration of getting home to find a ‘sorry we missed you’ note on your doormat. iParcelBox solves the ‘missed deliveries nightmare’ facing online shoppers across the UK and Europe.

iParcelBox is designed to be easy for couriers to use. The delivery driver simply presses a button on the iParcelBox to request a delivery. The first delivery is accepted automatically, and for subsequent deliveries a smartphone notification alerts the customer, who can unlock the iParcelBox remotely using the free app. The delivery driver will then scan the unique bar code inside the lid of the iParcelBox as proof of delivery.

Designed to end the missed delivery nightmares affecting millions of online shoppers every year, it offers a secure, safe and easy-to-operate parcel delivery box so that packages arrive in top condition, at your doorstep. Feedback from delivery drivers has been unanimously positive – it makes their job easy when they are under pressure to make deliveries.

An iParcelBox Premium optional subscription offers additional features:

  • View your compatible CCTV camera within the iParcelBox app, allowing you to see who is requesting a delivery
  • Allow unattended access for deliveries and collections using secure digital keys which can be shared with friends/neighbours or delivery companies
  • Share access to the iParcelBox app with friends and family
  • Control and monitor iParcelBox using Amazon Alexa or a local smart home system

The NEW battery-powered model will be available for sale in the UK and Europe in January 2021.

About iParcelBox
iParcelBox was founded in 2019 by UK entrepreneur Paul Needler, who designed the product to tackle the frustration felt by online shoppers who miss deliveries when they were not at home, or found their parcel left in an inappropriate place.

The patented technology has been specifically designed to be quick and easy for couriers to use. There is no need for the courier to have any special app or access code – they simply press the button to request a delivery and lift the lid when it unlocks.

iParcelBox was shortlisted as a finalist in the Parcel & Post Technology International Awards 2020 for best Final Mile Innovation, and was recently selected as the best parcel delivery technology on Channel 5 TV’s The Gadget Show.

iParcelBox is made of powder-coated steel, the compartment is locked and if it contains parcels is only accessible when unlocked by the owner.

The non-removable battery is expected to last 2-3 months in normal use and can be charged either using the provided 5v power supply, or with an optional solar panel.

iParcelBox Premium is a subscription service which offers additional functionality. iParcelBox Premium is free for the first 90 days, and £2/month thereafter.

iParcelBox connects to the homeowner’s Wi-Fi network.


For journalists – For release London – January 11th, 2021

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