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iParcelBox wins The Gadget Show challenge

iParcelBox selected by “The G-Team” as the best technology to solve the growing problem of home parcel deliveries

London, 13th November 2020 – Today’s episode of The Gadget Show (Channel 5, 7pm) saw Sean the parcel courier looking for some tech that his customers could use to make parcel deliveries easier.

As seen on the Gadget Show

Recognising that the way we shop has completely changed, Sean has had a busy last few months, with a massive increase in online shopping. With Christmas approaching, he’s going to be even busier! But it’s not just about Sean – customers are increasingly looking for smart, secure, contactless ways to accept parcel deliveries when they aren’t home (or busy on a Zoom call).

“The G-Team” offered three potential solutions. The first item featured was iParcelBox, followed by an app to track your deliveries (just in case you don’t get enough notifications already), and a smart audio doorbell which allows you to talk to the courier via your phone.

Georgie Barratt presented iParcelBox –  highlighting the benefits that our secure, smart parcel delivery solution offers. As well as automatically accepting the first delivery, Georgie and Sean both loved the notifications and the ability to remotely allow subsequent deliveries via the smartphone app.

All three solutions presented were extremely practical, however Sean selected iParcelBox as the clear winner.   The presenters applauded the fact that iParcelBox meant that you would never miss a parcel delivery, and liked that the real time communication between iParcelBox and the app allowed you to securely accept multiple parcel deliveries.

Reflecting on the iParcelBox solution, Sean said “I think the simplicity of it is absolutely fantastic, I’m surprised nobody thought of it before.”

The full episode is available to view on My5 until 13th December 2020 at https://www.my5.tv/the-gadget-show/season-32/episode-8


About iParcelBox:

Founded in 2019 by entrepreneur Paul Needler, iParcelBox is the game-changing parcel delivery solution which is monitored and controlled via a smartphone app. The iParcelBox solution is easy to use, allowing the delivery driver to follow simple instructions, pressing a button to request a delivery. The smartphone notification alerts the customer who unlocks the iParcelBox remotely using the free app. If the parcel needs to be ‘signed for’ then the delivery driver can scan the unique bar code inside the lid of the iParcelBox as proof of delivery.

iParcelBox has been designed to be easy for couriers to use. The delivery driver simply presses a button on the iParcelBox to request a delivery. The first delivery will be accepted automatically, and for subsequent deliveries a smartphone notification alerts the customer, who unlocks the iParcelBox remotely using the free app. The delivery driver can scan the unique bar code inside the lid of the iParcelBox as proof of delivery.

The iParcelBox solution can be used by all courier and delivery firms, as it requires no integration with their back-end systems. iParcelBox is made of steel, the compartment is locked and if it contains parcels is only accessible when unlocked by the owner.


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