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iParcelBox v2 – mains powered


iParcelBox is the leading smart, secure and weatherproof parcel delivery solution you monitor and control from your smartphone.

This is the mains-powered version, which does not have a battery, and is not compatible with a solar panel.

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iParcelBox takes away the stress and inconvenience of missed deliveries, providing a smart, secure, and weatherproof parcel delivery solution you monitor and control from your smartphone.

iParcelBox has been designed to be easy for couriers to use. There is no need for them to have any special app or access code – they simply press the button to request a delivery and lift the lid when it unlocks.

Our unique patented technology means the first delivery will be accepted automatically, and for subsequent deliveries you’ll get a notification on your smartphone, enabling you to remotely unlock the iParcelBox remotely using the free app.

If your parcel needs to be ‘signed for’, then the delivery driver can scan the unique bar code inside the lid of the iParcelBox as proof of delivery

There’s an optional ‘iParcelBox Premium’ subscription, which allows you to link your security camera into the app, create digital access keys, share access with Friends/Family and control your iParcelBox directly using Alexa or from your smart home system if you have one. Find out more about iParcelBox Premium here.

Key Features

  • Simple: Delivery drivers simply press the button, wait for iParcelBox to unlock, place the parcel inside and close the lid, which locks. There are no codes to enter, locks to manipulate or special apps required to make deliveries.
  • Smart: Monitor and control your iParcelBox from your smartphone. iParcelBox automatically allows a delivery when it’s empty and will send you a notification and let you remotely allow subsequent deliveries.
  • Secure: iParcelBox is made of steel and is securely anchored to the floor or a wall using the provided bolts. The locked compartment stores your parcels safely until you return home to retrieve them.
  • Weatherproof: Parcels left in your iParcelBox will be protected from the weather, keeping them dry and safe until you get home.
  • Friends and family friendly: You can give friends & family secure access to your iParcelBox to make deliveries, collect items or empty your iParcelBox for you when you’re away.
  • Saves you time: You won’t have to wait at home for important parcels and can avoid the inconvenience of having to go and collect missed deliveries.

Technical specification

  • Device dimensions: 61 x 40 x 40 cm, weight 15kg. It can accept parcels up to a total size of 55cm wide, 35cm deep and 39cm high. If fitting into an alcove, we recommend a minimum available width of 65cm.
  • Shell material: Powder-coated steel, matt grey anthracite
  • Connectivity: WiFi 2.4 GHz
  • Power: DC 5v (power supply included).
  • Mobile OS requirements: iOS 11+, Android 7.0+

In the box

  • iParcelBox
  • Power supply (Note for shipments to the EU, a European power plug will be provided unless requested otherwise)
  • Accessories pack (fixings, spacers, antenna)
  • Installation instructions booklet
  • Free app can be downloaded from iOS App Store / Google Play

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 61 × 40 × 40 cm

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