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Updated: Shared Users now available for Android

Last month we launched a new ‘Shared Users’ feature, to allow you to give friends, family, tenants etc controlled access to your iParcelBox. We’re pleased to confirm that ‘Shared Users’ is now also available for Android.

If you want to allow friends and family to monitor and control your iParcelBox, you can add them as Shared Users directly from the your iParcelBox iOS or Android app.

Shared User Features

Adding somebody as a Shared User will allow them to do the following:

  • Allow deliveries to and empty your iParcelBox
  • Enable webcam viewing within their app
  • Create, change and delete access tokens
  • Control iParcelBox using Alexa
  • Turn on/off auto-open functionality (if enabled in the master account)

They will not be able to:

  • Add or remove other Shared Users
  • Change Auto-Open settings
  • Change the Wi-Fi Network
  • Change Timeouts or firmware update settings
  • Reset iParcelBox to factory settings.

Note: An iParcelBox Premium subscription is required to enable Shared Users, who will also be able to be able to use your iParcelBox Premium features.

For full details of the Shared Users feature, please see this blog post.

Please make sure you update to the latest version of the Android App (1.0.6) to enable the Shared Users functionality.

Add Shared User Screenshot
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